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An Index of Early Chinese Painters and Paintings
T’ang, Sung, Yuan
by James Cahill, University of California, Berkeley

First published in 1980, Cahill’s Index is the most comprehensive English-language compilation available on Chinese painters and their works from the late 6th through the mid-14th century. Incorporating the work of Ellen Johnston Laing and Osvald Siren, whom Cahill studied under as a graduate student, the Index includes biographical details of the artists, their ‘style’ and ‘studio’ names, where their works are located or have been published, and information on materials, signatures, seals, and inscriptions.

An extensive bibliography focuses on reproductions of the works in Chinese, Japanese, and western publications, making the Index an essential research tool for all students, collectors, and connoisseurs of Chinese art. 

Published by Floating World Editions
Published 2003, 402 pp.
ISBN 1 891640 10 0, paperback, £29.99