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Japanese Marks and Seals
In Literature and the Arts
by James Lord Bowes

This extremely valuable reference work remains a fundamental resource for all students, scholars, connoisseurs, and collectors of Japanese art and literature. First published in London in 1882, it is divided into three parts: 1) pottery; 2) illuminated manuscripts and printed books; and 3) lacquer, cloisonné enamels, metal, wood, and ivory.

Containing over one thousand illustrations of marks and seals in its 380 pages, it includes charts of both zodiacal cycles and reign periods. With original copies commanding from $400 to $1200, this essential tool for collectors and specialists is now available in a reasonably priced, soft-cover format.

Published by Floating World Editions
Published 2004, 380 pp., richly illustrated
ISBN 1 891640 11 9, paperback, £29.99