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Postwar Japan and France
edited by Doug Slaymaker

France and Japan have shared much in a long and critical history of artistic practice and production. France has been an important source of energy for Japanese intellectual endeavors, and the impact of French painting, literature, and thought on Japan, from even before the Meiji Revolution, cannot be overstated. Likewise, France has been stimulated by an image of Japan as “Other” and as a model to American cultural hegemony. The impact of Japanese prints on French (and European) art, the related artistic production collected under the heading of “Japonisme,” and the creative responses to Japanese poetic and dramatic forms are profound.

Confluences details these exchanges and outlines the ground from which they proceed. In doing so, the authors elucidate much of the development of national and individual identities, especially as filtered through the artistic endeavors of a culture.

Contributors include: Kevin M. Doak, Kato€ Shu€ichi, Kuroko Kazuo, Jean-Philippe Mathy, Matt Matsuda, Nishikawa Nagao, J. Thomas Rimer, Hiroaki Sato, Doug Slaymaker, Watanabe Kazutani.

Published by Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
Michigan Monographs in Japanese Studies No. 42
Published 2002, 198 pp.
ISBN 1 929280 14 9, hardback, £40.00