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Vietnamese Traditional Water Puppetry
by Nguyen Huy Hong & Tran Trung Chinh

This is a virtual backstage pass to the joyful and entertaining art of water puppetry. The book ventures behind the scenes of the art form, and is a must for anyone interested in Vietnamese folklore. A variety of techniques, materials, and design sketches, with descriptions of puppets, puppeteers and artists together make this a highly informative volume. Photos allow the reader to fully appreciate this unique form of Vietnamese folklore. The book gives an insight into the historical development of water puppetry, its roots in traditional Vietnamese society and ‘the mysteries under the water surface’, the traditional stories which feature in water puppetry, as well as the language and songs used.

Published by The Gioi Publishers
2nd edition published 2006, 80 pp., illus.
ISBN 978 90 807359 0 3, paperback, £14.99