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Funeral Houses in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
by Nguyen Van Ku & Luu Hung

This photo book descibes the funeral houses of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, such as the Ba Na, Ede, Gia Rai, Mnong, and Xo Dang people. Included are photos of these people, photos that document statues from funeral houses, and a series of photos showing the tomb abandonment ceremony and people in the region. The book is published in Vietnamese, English and French. The preamble is written by the late professor and ethnologist Nguyen Tu Chi, who devoted his life to studying the region. In this book, each traditional funeral house is described as a work of art, simple but harmonious, special, and invaluable. The book is valuable for research of cultural and art activities of these people in the Central Highlands.

Published by The Gioi Publishers
Published 2003, 234 pp., large format, 316 photos (mostly colour)
ISBN 978 90 807359 8 9, hardback, 60.00