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Vietnam Images
A World of Decent Dreams
photographs by Ellen Kaplowitz, text by Jeffrey Hantover, foreword by Bernard Kalb

Vietnam and its people come alive in this visual journey beyond headlines and preconceptions. From village huts to the neon bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, engaging and riveting images present a Vietnam where tradition still thrives in a changing social landscape, where the bonds of community and family, to ancestors and to the land, remain defining constants. We see Vietnam at work, in rice fields and on city streets, at play and in prayer, and at family and communal rituals of life and death.

Vietnamese poems, prose, and proverbs dating back eight centuries evocatively underscore the continuities amidst change, while Jeffrey Hantoverís lucid text offers social and cultural context to the lives so warmly portrayed. Vietnam Images does not pull back from the toil and struggle of daily Vietnamese life, yet surprises with its broad embrace of a people sustained by tradition and alive to the promises of the future.

Published by Floating World Editions
May 2008, 160 pp., 140 colour photographs
ISBN 978 1 891640 49 0, hardback, £25.00